Bagels might just be the best breakfast food on the planet, and if you consider yourself a bagel enthusiast, you are not alone.  Experts estimate that almost 205 million Americans consumed bagels in 2019. 

The great thing about bagels is the wide variety of flavors to choose from, not to mention the endless possibilities that come with flavored cream cheeses and toppings. Here are some bagel flavors and a list of toppings to add some adventure to your morning meal.

The Top Bagel Flavors

According to Grubhub, who has delivered their fair share of bagel orders lately, these are the top five flavors. Did your favorite flavor make the list?

1. Everything

2. Sesame seed

3. Cinnamon raisin

4. Poppyseed

5. Pumpernickel

The Top Bagel Toppings

What’s your favorite way to top a bagel? Do you go the traditional route with just cream cheese? Or would you rather dress it up with some veggies or even an egg? You can make a plethora of flavor combinations by adding fruit or meat to your bagel. You could even consider making your own version of avocado toast. In case you need some ideas to start, here are the top five bagel toppings.

1. Cream cheese

2. Bacon

3. Avocado

4. American cheese

5. Butter 

The Ultimate Bagel Experience: Homemade

Are you looking for the freshest bagel you can get your hands on? There are plenty of bakeries in the area that can help you out, but why not try making bagels yourself? The aroma of freshly baked bagels can fill your home while you prepare homemade bagels. It’s easier than you think! You can find the recipe at

Whether you make your own bagels or buy them from your favorite bakery, nothing beats a delicious bagel covered in your favorite toppings. You can stick to what you know, or you could experiment with the thousands of flavor options available to you. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a delicious time.