What’s your favorite meal to make for the holidays? From a traditional roasted dinner to fully loaded street tacos to Italian cuisine, food plays a huge role in creating and recreating cozy holiday memories. 

If a kitchen appliance broke during the beginning of your cooking festivities, your holiday memories could go from cozy to chaotic in a matter of seconds. Ensure that everything runs smoothly for your holiday feast by performing holiday appliance maintenance before the big day. Here are three steps to follow.

Start by Deep Cleaning

The first step to your holiday appliance maintenance checklist is deep cleaning your entire home. Pay special attention to your most-used kitchen appliances when doing so. In a Consumer Reports survey of more than 381,000 appliances, 6 percent of respondents reported problems with cooking elements not lighting or heating up on ranges, while 5 percent of people reported refrigerators that didn’t cool properly. Additionally, 11 percent reported that their dishwashers stopped working properly.

A few weeks before your holiday meal, take some time to do the following:

  • Pull the fridge away from the wall and clean out the dust from the mechanical coils.
  • Deep clean your oven and stove top. This includes ensuring that all heating elements or gas burners heat and ignite fully.
  • Clean your dishwasher by setting a cup of white vinegar on the top rack and running a full cycle.

Completing these steps will ensure a happier holiday season!

Next, Perform a Cooking Test

Whether you have recently used your appliances or not, it’s safe to test each one before the holidays. A few weeks before your celebration, bake a batch of cookies in your oven, run a full cycle in your dishwater, and cook your favorite stir fry on the stove. Once your cooking adventures are done, place all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and make sure that they all come out spick and span. If there are any problems with your major appliances, you’ll know well in advance that you need to schedule a maintenance order with our team. 

Lastly, Contact Our Maintenance Crew

At Pacific Palms, we want your holiday celebrations to be magical and memorable. That is why our on-site management and 24-hour maintenance teams are here to address any appliance issues you are experiencing. 

If you have discovered that an appliance has quit working, visit Pacific Palms’ Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will make sure that you are well taken care of and that your appliances are fixed before the big day! 

The holidays are stressful as is. Alleviate some of that stress by performing your holiday appliance maintenance. Check all your major appliances to ensure that they are in great shape. If an appliance needs additional attention or care, reach out to our maintenance team as soon as possible so that they can address the problem. The entire staff here at Pacific Palms sincerely wants your holiday wishes to come true this year!