Do you often look around your apartment and wonder how you can infuse more of your own personality into the decor? If you’ve recently moved in, you likely need some inspiration for putting your own spin on your new home once you’ve fully unloaded all the boxes.

Happily, all it takes is a little bit of color, some curtains, or maybe even some plants to bring that personal touch to transform your apartment into a cozy, comfortable home. Here are three creative techniques you can easily implement that can help convert your apartment into a home you can enjoy.

Add a splash of color.

Each year, color experts determine what colors are on-trend and what the favorite is. Pantone, for example, declared 2020’s color of the year to be Classic Blue. Other paint industry experts outline their favorite color trends from around the world, too. These reports are filled with great decorating inspiration and captivating photos that you can easily use to select a style and color that fits you. Once you’ve found it, incorporate it into your apartment. If you don’t want to paint your walls, think about furniture, pillows, bedcoverings, throw blankets, and even artwork in that shade. It’s all about adding accents to your apartment so that you feel more at home.

Dress up those windows.

Drapes and window blinds play an important part in your home, even if you don’t realize it. In addition to providing privacy, climate control, and lighting versatility, window coverings provide a more personal touch that can be unique to your home. For some beautiful inspiration, has a great guide to help you choose what curtains are right for you. The site also provides tips for installing and caring for your window dressings.

Go green with houseplants.

You’re adding more than new greenery to your home when you add houseplants to your decor.  Plants are living, breathing organisms that interact with your mind, body, and home in ways that can enhance the quality of your apartment life. Plants help you breathe easier by cleansing your air, improving your overall health—which can, in turn, make it easier to feel comfortable in your home. Plants also evoke the ultimate homey feel when placed around your apartment.

Sometimes all it takes to convert an apartment into a home is some color, curtains, or plants. With just a little bit of love and tender care, these additions can get your apartment feeling like a home in no time.