Finding an available pet-friendly apartment in Anaheim can be hard. The search is worth it, though: Studies have found that having a pet can decrease your cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides. You’ll also feel less lonely with a pet in your apartment!

It does take a little work to figure out how to live in an apartment community with a pet, even when the complex—like Pacific Palms—welcomes them. So here are some tips to make living in an apartment easier for you and your pet.

Dedicate Some Space in Your Pet-Friendly Apartment

Your apartment is full of space for you, and your pet needs a territory of its own, too. If you have a dog or cat, set aside a corner in a room with a comfy bed, water bowl, toys, and crate. Your pet will feel relaxed and comfortable and more quickly adapt to the apartment.

Stick with a Routine

Pets thrive when they have a routine. They like to have mealtime, potty time, playtime, bedtime, and naptime at or around the same times every day. Having a routine in your pet-friendly apartment they can count on will help them adapt to the living situation.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

A worn-out pet is a happy pet. Dogs and cats need physical and mental exercise every day. For cats, that usually means playing with them at home and giving them attention. For dogs, it means taking them out for walks, playing in the dog park, and giving them interactive toys

We recommend taking your dog over to Haster Basin Recreational Park—a short drive from our pet-friendly apartment community. It has trails, fields, exercise stations, and more to wear out you and your furry friend. Of course, you can always play with your pet in our courtyards.

When dogs are exhausted from all the play, they’re less likely to bark or cause problems in your apartment.

Make Friends In Your Pet-friendly Apartment Community

Like humans, dogs like to have friends. So get out and meet the other pets and their humans in your apartment complex! While your dogs play, you can hang out with their people.

Having a pet live with you in your apartment can make you healthier and happier, but it does take a little work to adapt. You’ll both easily adjust, though, if you give your pet some space, establish a routine, get exercise every day, and make friends!

We welcome pets of all kinds with open arms—with some limits! Pets must weigh less than 50 pounds and be immunized and licensed. So if you’re looking for the perfect place for you and your pet, check out Pacific Palms!